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SAP TMS & Blockchain for Business & English

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iDempiere Plugins which I was Developed&Supporting.

Hyperledger Fabric Integration Plugin
(will be soon)

Integration iDempiere ERP Business Suite and Hyperledger Fabric will provide new opportunities in many industries.

Transport Management Plugin

Transport Management is the plugin for iDempiere Business Suite ERP/CRM/SCM which can help you consolidate Purchase, Sale and Distribution orders and maximize the return on your transportation spend and enhance freight,fleet, and logistics management.

Libero Manufacturin Plugin

Libero Manufacturing (LiberoMFG) is another important and huge contribution from Victor Perez of e-Evolution, Mexico during the ADempiere project. Begining 2007 RED1 supported it and migrated to a free OSGi plugin, which minimise the impact it can bring to the core. I migrated plugin to the last versions and have supporting it.

Cash Planning Report Plugin

Cash Forecasting Plugin is a planning tool that helps you anticipate the flow of cash in and out of your business, allowing you to project your cash needs and evaluate your company's liquidity position.

Smart FinReport Plugin

Smart Financial Report plugin developed by Smart JSP company for ADempiere 3.6 [2012] and migrated by Freddy Heredia to iDempiere 2.1 [2015].We migrated it to version iDempiere 4.1+ because need this functionality for Polish Accounting

Poland Accounting Localization Plugin

This plugin includes accounting localization for Poland.

My References

Integration Features

The blockchain is a digital distributed ledger technology which stores all the data exchange by time-stamping it. Because of this tracking of data becomes very easy with Blockchain technology. Moreover, once it stores the information, then it is nearly impossible to change the data, and that forms another key feature of Blockchain.

Integration iDempiere ERP Business Suite and Hyperledger Fabric will provide new opportunities in many industries.

Blockchain In Manufacturing

Blockchain can trigger a completely new way of doing the manufacturing business on any area of manufacturing for suppliers, shop floor operations, procurement, strategic sourcing or anything pertaining to manufacturing.
The amalgamation of Blockchain with IoT and 3D printing we can ensure of having a smarter and more efficient manufacturing process.

Blockchain solutions for the logistics industry

Transparency and security of blockchain solutions allow to fundamentally transform the logistics industry and provide new business development opportunities for all the participants of a logistics process.

Blockchain solutions for supply chains

Blockchain solutions upgrade complex supply chains, making them faster, more open and reliable.

Upgrade Your Financial Business with Blockchain

Blockchain technology drastically changes the core of the banking sector by turning away the idea of any central authority. Major banks and financial institution has already started to adopt the distributed ledger technology to leverage the fast and cheap transactions.

Advanced opportunities for healthcare with Blockchain

Blockchain innovates healthcare industry by providing companies with a high level of trust, security, and what is more important, allows to drastically reduce a chance for human error.

Boost Your Insurance Business with Blockchain

The potential role of blockchain in insurance brings decentralization and makes the trust undisputable. Containing a record of every single transaction ever made, which can never be erased, blockchain can make any business trustworthy and reliable..

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Sample integration iDempiere with Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric

on Feb 10, 2020 0 Comments

In this is blog I want to describe as we can use the integration iDempiere ERP Business Suite with Demo Tuna Network which tracks a tuna’s story from its capture till a chef cooks it ...

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